RenStat is the premiere Log Analyzer for Renegade Dedicated Servers. With RenStat, you can host your own ladder using one of six different ranking methods. RenStat is designed specifically to output HTML for the web, so you can have results on your website instantly.



  • Multiple ranking methods allow the admin to choose the "fairest" scheme
  • HTML Templates let you integrate your ladder chart into your site's look-and-feel
  • Integrated FTP uploading automatically posts your ladder results at regular intervals
  • Priority Control makes sure RenStat doesn't affect your in-progress Renegade games
  • Configurable qualifiers insure the integrity of your ladder and set minimum player requirements for placing
  • Multiple sorting methods allow or disallow ties
  • Banlist allows banning of players from your ladder





Latest version is 1.0.92 (10/14/2003):

  • Fixes an obscure case when RenStat would crash on a mangled "Loading" line.
  • Fixes an obscure case where RenStat would load bad data with certain GameSpy names
  • Now works on all games, both laddered and unladdered, gamespy, WOL or WOLSpy
  • Fixes a bug where an empty results file crashed RenStat

RenStat v 1.0, Build 92, Full Install, Updated 10/14/2003 (HTTP/ [2.70 MB]
Microsoft Data Libraries (Only install if you get ISAM errors when running the server) [3.24 MB]


Technical Support and Bug Reports

For technical support and to report bugs, please visit the RenStat forums.